The fresh hope of potential, growth, success… there’s something special about a chance for a clean start. Anything and everything seems, at the very least, possible. This is why almost half of all Americans make New Year’s resolutions every year. The problem is that when we find ourselves setting goals, we aim too low... or to a height we can never realistically achieve… or maybe in the wrong direction altogether.

So that’s why, at the very beginning of 2018, we invite you to elevate your life by embracing the spirit of new beginnings together with God’s offer of abundant life. For the next eight weeks, we will reflect through the Bible’s book of Psalms, a series of songs, poems and thoughts describing what it’s like to do life with God. In the midst of the good, the bad and the ugly, the Psalm writers continually invite us to find God high and lifted up.

God is majestic, powerful, transcendent… He is in control of everything! Yet he is not distant or unapproachable. He is near, close, and imminent for those who trust in him. The more we get to know him, the more we experience his comfort and strength. God doesn’t just offer to give us guidance as we plan our lives, he offers to be our Guide. If we are willing to learn how to trust and follow him, he will lead us higher, deeper and further than we could ever imagine. There is no one like him! Psalm 71:19

We think God wants to do something special in your life right now. And as each of us is changed, our church will be transformed as well. That’s why we’ve already been praying for you, that this season is a powerful time of personal reflection, energizing discussion with your Life Groups and compelling times  together in corporate worship.

As you stand looking at the New Year and a fresh start, we hope you’ll join us in saying “yes” to God and to discovering together, as one community across our campuses, how God wants to Elevate Your Life.

On the journey with you!

Pastor Bill Staffieri & Pastor Ken Primeau